Council Minutes

City of Karlstad Regular City Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 4, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Called to Order By: Mitch Borneman at 7 pm.

Present: Mitch Borneman, Connie Nordin, George Hultgren, Michael Wade

Absent: Pete Kautzman

Guests: Pastor Denhart, Marit Knutson, Jual Carlson, Gretchen Baker, Mike Lorenson, Travis Pawlowski, Danny Johnson, Ann Johnson, Cindy Christopherson, Margaret Donaldson, Peter Knapp.

1. Minutes – Motion by George Hultgren, second by Connie Nordin, to approve the minutes of the May 7, 2018 regular meeting as presented.  Motion passed with all ayes.

2. Claims – Motion by George Hultgren, second by Michael Wade, to approve the audit of and authorize payment of the claims for May 10, 2018; May 21, 2018; June 4, 2018 as presented.   Motion passed with all ayes.

3.  Other Agenda Items:

     A.  Ann Johnson – LSS Nutrition:  the seniors are struggling financially.  Representatives will attend the council meeting scheduled for July 9 to give more information concerning their needs,  Motion to suspend the current rent charges for the community center until further discussions are held with the council made by George Hultgren, second by Michael Wade.  Motion passed with all ayes.

     B. Johnson Control – update:  Travis Pawlowski advised that the clinic renovation is moving along well.  All equipment will be shut down June 6, all air will be running June 25, all other areas will be complete after that date. Concrete pads need to be installed under the two LP tanks being put in by Farmers Union, the cost will be $100 each for set up.  Fire detectors will be one per unit.  Travis will get estimates for new fire detectors from Dakota Fire and submit by next scheduled meeting.  

     C.  Lions Club – Resolution 6-541-18:  Motion by George Hultgren, second by Connie Nordin, to approve resolution of sign placement.  Motion passed with all ayes.

     D.  City/Comm Ctr Cleaning update:  Motion to hire Sue Dufault for cleaning the community center and city office building at $15 per hour made by George Hultgren, second by Michael Wade.  Motion passed with all ayes.

     E.  McCloskey trailer – Dick Hanson issue:  Contact made with Shannon McCloskey and she advised she has hired someone to keep the lawn mowed and picked up of debris.  Attorney Malm will be contacted for purposes of preparing a letter for Ms. McCloskey advising her of time limits.

     F.  City Audit – Marit Knutson:  the audit explained that the City is in a very stable financial condition.  The Fire Relief needs to have an audit completed, Jeremy Sollund has been advised to contact Crystal of Hoffman, Philipp & Knutson who can assist in moving forward with this audit.  


4.  Clinic Building:  Rental rates:  issued tabled until next scheduled council meeting.

5.  City insurance coverage Fire Hall update.:  issued tabled until next scheduled council meeting.

6.  Lois Kleinvachter – possible land purchase from the City. Lois will be contacted and advised that she and the interested neighbors should attend a council meeting to detail their land purchase intentions.

7.  Review of asphalt patching quotes.:  Taggart Contracting, Inc, was the successful bidder for the street repairs.  Mike Lorenson will request pricing for two other places needing repairs from Taggart (Moose Park and ambulance garage area).

8.  John - Wynne Consulting:  Lee Plbg and Htg late bill.:  council advised they will not pay for late bill submitted by Lee Plbg and Htg.

9. Water Salesman-Hydrant issue.:  City ordinances will be published in the newspaper advising no tampering with city water or fire hydrants.  If done by anyone other than city employees or fire department, the Sheriff’s department will be called and legal action will be taken.  A possible solution to issue, a committee will be comprised of farmers, city employees and others to try and come to a workable solution so water is available without consequence.    

10. DNR land purchase update.:  letter received will be forwarded to Rep. Fabian to assist City in taking another look at purchase.  City is looking at economic growth only, not gravel sales from this property.

12. Board of Appeals and Equalization Training – begins July 1, 2018.:  information given to council.

13. Valuation Notice of city property; meeting by appointment on June 19, 2018, at 9 am.: information reviewed by council.

14. Summer Rec Program – Mike will drive bus for first game in June, Steve Murphy having problems getting drivers.:  Mike Lorenson can assist in driving bus for this activity as the program is the City’s and well attended.  Approximately 70 children this year.  

15.  Marissa Steien – possible updates for five (5) City logo on website.  Cost of $500.:  tabled until City has decided on a permanent logo. 


16.  CIMS proposed cost of cemetery program.:  CIMS program is very expensive and larger than City needs. Garnette and Sue are working on going through the current information to clear up errors, etc..  Steve Collins is also available to help.

17.  Danny Johnson:  suggested adding other cement statutes to Park like wolf, deer, etc., and rename logo to “Wild Life Capital of the North”.  The possible logo of “Crossroads of the North” was also explained. 

18. Write-Offs: Letter sent to many of the former customers by Connie Nordin; received payment from one to date.  Those receiving letters have until June 15 to remit or make payment plan with city office.    

19. Park Board – grant has been submitted.:  if Park Board does not receive the DNR grant, it has been discussed to take funds and improve Moose Park.

20. Cardboard dumpster: cost is about $6000 and is not possible at this time.

21. Storm sewers are scheduled to be cleaned by the McCloskey trailer.  A map has been requested from Widseth, Smith, Nolting outlining the storm sewer system.

22.  A going away party has been scheduled in recognition of Sue’s 18 years with the City for June 18 from 2 to 4 at the Community Center. A beautiful plaque was presented to Sue from the Council.  

23.  Pastor Denhart is willing to paint at Moose Park – finish the basketball lines.  He and other volunteers will paint the Pickle Ball lines on the tennis court.  He is willing to provide the paint and labor. This program can be added to the summer rec program in the future.  He will visit with Steve Murray on this idea.  Painting will be coordinated with Todd Dufault.  

24. Jual Carlson: Jual had 7 items he wanted to discuss, most did not apply to City business.  One item was the parking in front of the post office, people have to walk too far because people do not move out of parking spaces – they use it for parking not mail pick up.  He also did not care for the “estd. 1905” portion of the sign.  He was advised that hydrant flushing has been completed – it is done in the spring and fall every year.


25.  The next Regular scheduled meeting will be held on: 

        July 9, 2018 at 7:00 P.M.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at: 9:35 pm.

Respectfully Submitted By: Garnette Hanson, City Clerk


City of Karlstad Regular City Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 9, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Called to Order By: M Borneman at 7:00 pm

Present: M Borneman, P Kautzman, C Nordin, G Hultgren, M Wade


Guests: Ann Johnson (LSS), Margaret McDonald (LSS), Bob Carlson, Gretchen Baker, Al Lundeen, Mike Lorenson, Mark Olson, Sheriff Steve Porter, Deputy Dave Thompson, Lois Kleinvachter

1. Minutes – Motion by P Kautzman, second by G Hultgren, to approve the minutes   

    of the June 4, 2018 regular meeting as presented.   

         Motion by P Kautzman, second by G Hultgren, to approve the minutes of the June 14, 2018 special meeting as presented. 

2. Claims – Motion by G Hultgren, second by M Wade, to approve the audit of 

     and authorize payment of the claims for June 7, 2018;  June 18, 2018; June 22, 2018; July 3, 2018; and July 9, 2018 as presented. Checked with insurance on JD window pane repair charge pf $267.92, the City’s deductible is $250.00.

3.  Motion - Motion by G Hultgren, second by M Wade, to authorize Garnette Hanson to be added to the signature card at Prime Security Bank for the Market Checking Account 001, Market Checking Account 002, KARL 12 month $35, SPEC 13 Month #36, SPEC 13 Month #37, SPEC 13 Month #38, and SPEC 13 Month #39.  This will include the removal of names Wayne Ruud and Sue Dufault from the signature card. 

4.  Other Agenda Items:

     A.  Sheriff Steve Porter:  patrol for City needed.  Additional patrolling will be worked on by department, staff issue at times, will work to improve record and use deterrents.  Call his home (218-754-2371) or cell phone (218-526-0180) at any time.

     B.  Travis Pawlowski, Johnson Controls, on estimates for new fire detectors from Dakota Fire.  Travis forwarded email advising of clinic status.  Project should be complete by the end of the month.  He plans on attending August 6 meeting.  

     C.  LSS Nutrition:  the seniors are struggling financially.  Representatives providing more information concerning their needs at the Community Center. Ann and Margaret provided numbers served at the senior meals.   They serve 10-20 a day plus 20 or more meals delivered daily.  It was decided that a letter will be send to the councils at Lake Bronson, Halma and Strandquist to discuss the possibility of financial assistance from them to the City of Karlstad to offset some of the cost (electric, propane, cleaning, telephone, insurance) being paid by the City.  

     D.  Lois Kleinvachter – possible land purchase from the City:  left phone message with Lois Kleinvachter on June 7, 2018, to advise that she and her interested neighbors attend the July 9 council meeting to detail their intentions on the land purchase located behind their homes. Lois advised she is looking at 275’ to the back of her property line.  They are mowing this all the time for fire prevention and general look of the property.  Carla Nyflot stopped by the city office on Monday and advised that she and Jeff are also interested in purchasing footage behind their home as well.  Lois advised Reese’s are interested in purchase.  Lois will get a written letter from each party and bring to the City.  A survey would need to be completed and the cost will have to be distributed in some fashion.  Another issue arose of “wetlands”.  

     E.  Al Lundeen – Airport Commission; airport repairs update.  Repairs are moving forward.  The airport commission is the first in having changes made to the airport. Al will get more details from Troy Peterson on his land use permit.  Motion to approve land use permit with attached installing slab under hanger by G Hultgren, second by P Kautzman, all ayes.  Al will check on adding heliport with lights for fire department to the airport changes going on now.

     F.  504 Pembina Trail So – property review committee – Attorney Hanes letter.  An inspection committee will be put together which includes fire, ambulance, neighbor, council person, sheriff/deputy and owner) to inspect the property for health hazards, etc.  Clerk will set up committee.  Owner would be given a limited amount of time (15 days) to respond to inspection request.

     G.  M Wade advised that J Pearson has asked about painting the back stop at the school which is being used by the summer rec program.  If this work is acceptable to the school who owns the property, the city will take the 5 gallons of paint cost from the summer rec budget.  M Wade advised trees need trimming by the Dan Nordine property.  Shortage of summer help was discussed.  M Borneman will check with Clerk Sveum to ask if he would be interested in helping the city crew get jobs done such as tree trimming, mowing, etc.  Summer help will be added to the 2019 budget.  Through MN Employment and Economic Development, an “Older Workers” program exists.  This would have to be looked into further. 


5.  Election Judges 2018 – council approval needed.  Motion to approve election judge list made by G Hultgren, second by M Wade, all ayes.  Election judge training is scheduled for August 2, 2018 at 7 pm in Hallock.  Elected: Wayne Ruud, Bonnie Loveness, Connie Nordin, Laurie Lofstrom, Margo Soltvedt, Todd Dufault, Sue Dufault.

6.  Review:  Ambulance garage repair bill; KUK watering cost.  Council advised that repair bill for ambulance door be given to the EMS office for payment.  Council advised no billing for fire department watering during the KUK event. 

7.  DNR Land Purchase – Rep. Fabian – Mayor Mitch update.  M Borneman advised that he has left numerous messages with Rep. Fabian.  No response received from him.

8.  Bid Opening – asphalt projects in City.  Motion to accept Taggart bid for street repair made by M Wade, second by C Nordin.  1 aye, 3 nays.  Because two bids did not include specific areas of repair and one bid over-projected size, clerk sent letter to each bidder with specific requirements and will present at July 23, 2018 meeting for review.  Bob Carlson asked about getting the railroad repaired when the street repair is done.  Bob was advised that this is railroad property and the City cannot repair this area.

9.  Burn Pile:  needs to be buried.  City crew will get camera card from J Pearson for review.  They will also put up new signs that are specific on what can be put into the compost pile.  Ryan Kraulik will be asked to bury the pile.  Gravel will be hauled in to level off the area.

10.  Troy Peterson – land use permit.  Al Lundeen will get additional information for this permit.

11.  new addition to UBMax utility program.  Can message residents with emergency info, etc.  $275.00 cost per year.  Council advised no on this purchase.  People are notified of emergencies in various ways and this is sufficient.

12.  Two Rivers Watershed District – update on buffer law. Council advised to read over these materials.

13.  Farmer Union Oil – prepay program.  Council advised clerk to purchase 3500 gallons at $1.30 per gallon on the pre-pay program.

14.  Golf Club – water there is directly connected to the fire hydrant, no back flow preventer installed.  City crew will check on the hydrants near the golf course to verify there are backflows installed.  If not, they should be installed immediately.

15.  League of Minnesota Cities:  strongly urged cities to no longer sponsor their city day, use a non-profit such as “Lions” and make a donation by resolution for “fun day”.  Council asked that the Moosefest committee come in to see the council.  They will be invited to the August 6, 2018 council meeting.

16.  Shut-offs scheduled for July 26, 2018 if not paid on or before July 25, 2018.  If not paid in full, shut off will take place on July 26, 2018.  Discussion on “late fee” amount will be discussed at future meeting.

17.  Will be attending Clerk’s Training at Hallock on July 11, 2018 at 1 PM.


18. Water Salesman-Hydrant issue:  notice published to advise community of City resolutions.   Copper-Lead notice sent to all residents.  

19. Curb painting/hydrant painting completed – wage cost of $3,538.25.  This work included painting picnic tables.

20.  Clinic Building:  Rental rates.  Issue will be discussed at August 6 meeting.

21.  City insurance coverage Fire Hall update.  Per LMCT:  Any building, including the building’s contents, for which the city wants coverage should be listed on the schedule. Remember to include any buildings or space the city rents or occupies. Even if the city is not responsible for the building itself, there still needs to be coverage for the contents. Council was advised that as long as item is listed with insurance, coverage is in place.   


22.  The next Regular scheduled meeting will be held on: 

        August 6, 2018 at 7:00 P.M.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at:  9:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Garnette Hanson

City Clerk