Council Minutes

City of Karlstad: Regular City Council Meeting

|| Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.


Meeting Called to Order By: Mayor Mitch Borneman   

Present: G. Hultgren, P. Kautzman, C. Nordin, M. Wade, M. Borneman, S. Dufault   

Absent: None 

Guests: Rachel Bakke, Andy Barth, Brad Johnson, Kristi Hanson, Travis Pawlowski,  Jon Paul


1. Minutes – Motion by P. Kautzman, second by G. Hultgren, to approve the minutes 

    of the August 7, 2017 regular meeting, the August 7, 2017 special public meeting and

    the August 22, 2017 special  meeting as presented.  All ayes/carried.

2. Claims – Motion by P. Kautzman, second by G. Hultgren, to approve the audit of 

     and authorize payment of the claims for August 14, 2017, August 23, 2017 and 

     September 12, 2017 as presented. All ayes/carried.


3.   Mike Wade: Mike has asked if we can get Wi-Fi in the park.  Sue will check on this.

4.  Ashley Rivera, D.B.A., MBA-CEO/CFO Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center.

     Ashley was no able to attend the meeting.

5.  Northwest Regional Library:

     A.  Kristi Hanson from the Northwest Regional Library asked the council for a 2% 

           increase in their contribution for 2018.  The increase would amount to $124.00.  

6.  Anderson Sanitation:

     A. 2017 Delinquent Garbage Assessment Roll: Motion by P. Kautzman, second by 

          C. Nordin, to approve the assessment roll for 2017. All ayes/carried.

7.  Resolution 9-530-17 – Authorization to Execute Minnesota Department of 

     Transportation Airport Maintenance and Operation Grant Contract for State Fiscal 

     Year 2018 and State Fiscal Year 2019.  Motion by G. Hultgren, second by 

      M. Wade, to approve the contract.  All ayes/carried.

8.  Sue Dufault: 

    A.  City Clerk Position: Review Applications- The city received 7 applications.  After   

          reviewing the applications, they chose two applicants to be interviewed on 

          September 20, 2017 at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

9.  Parking on City Property:

     Sue talked with Troy Peterson about him parking his vehicles on city property and 

     using the fire hydrant for water.  He felt the city property is public property and he 

     should be able to park on it.  He also felt he should be able to take water from a city 

     hydrant. The council felt we should talk with Roger Malm, the city attorney, about a  

     possible cease and desist order.  Roger felt that because others use the hydrant that the  

     city should come up with a solutions that would work for everyone.  The council 

     asked Mike to check into a meter for the hydrant by the water tower.  A sign could be 

     placed by the hydrant on the highway directing them to use the hydrant by the tower.         

     That way they would not be on the highway filling their vehicles.

10. City of Karlstad 2018 Proposed Budget: (council copies)


          1.  3% employee pay increase - $3,476.00.

          2.  Health Insurance: $7,000 annual increase

          3.  LGA - $6,498 increase in revenue 

          4. General Fund Levy is currently at $200,000.   Increased to $230,000.  

              Motion by G. Hultgren, second by P. Kautzman, to approve the           

              purposed 2018 Levy. All ayes/carried.

     B.  Sue recommends to the council that we have a special budget meeting. The council 

           set the budget meeting for September 28, 2017 at 6 p.m.

11. Fix sidewalk on 1st Street S. in front of the EMS office. They felt we could go ahead 

      with this as long as Danny Johnson agrees. 

12. New Homeowners Incentive Request:

     A.  Dani Krantz has purchased the home at 204 W. Lincoln Ave. and is applying for 

           the cities incentive program.  Motion by M. Wade, second by C. Nordin, to 

           approve the request.  All ayes/carried.

13. New Homeowners Incentive Request:

      A. Chase Boen has purchased Roger Jacobson’s house on Pembina Trail and is 

           applying for the cities incentive program.  Motion by M. Wade, second by C.                 

           Nordin, to approve the request.  All ayes/carried.



14. Sunday Liquor License Ordinance:

     A.  Does the council want to vote on this issues? Motion by G. Hultgren, second by 

           M. Wade, to allow Sunday Liquor Sales according to the state statute. Two voted 

           in favor and 3 nays.  The motion defeated.

15. Karlstad Clinic Air Conditioning/Heating units:

     A.  Travis Pawlowski - Jon Paul – Johnson Controls: Jon explained the heating and 

           cooling problems at the clinic.  The system needs updating and possibly new air 

           conditioning units.  The cost estimate for each unit is around $80,000.  The 

           building has three units and with the cost of possibly replacing the controls at 

           around $42,000 it could be around $300,000 total with labor costs.  Jon asked Sue   

           if he could get the plans for the building and the utility costs for one year.  Jon 

           stated that Johnson Controls could come up with a plan for financing or a plan to 

           replace the equipment over a period of time.  He also recommended a maintenance 

           contract to keep things running more smoothly.  Jon and Travis will get back to 

           the council with the cost estimates and possible options.

16. Karlstad Moose Fest 2018: 

      A.  Sue asked the council about proceeding with the plans for Moose Fest 2018.  

            They felt we could continue for one more year.  

 17. Municipal Service Account/Prime Security Bank:

     A.  All utility payments are made at the bank and the tellers fill out the deposit 

           tickets and I pick them up there. They are deposited into a municipal service 

           account and at the end of the month the balance is transferred to the general fund. 

           This process is used because I’m the only one in the office and it’s a way of 

           balancing that account.  They seem to make a lot of entry errors and they don’t

           want to do it anymore.  They want me to fill them out and do the deposit.  This 

           would defeat the purpose of having the account. Motion by M. Wade, second by 

           C. Nordin, to close the municipal service account.  All ayes/carried. 

18.  Burning Ordinance/City of Karlstad:

       A.  There have been a couple of complaints about a person burning garbage in the 

             city limits.  The city allows burning wood in a small ring fire in your yard. Sue 

             and the mayor have talked with the resident and they feel he is complying with    

             the city ordinance.


19. The next Regular scheduled meeting will be held on: 

      October 4, 2017 - 6:00 P.M.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at: 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted By: Sue Dufault || Cerk/Treasurer