Council Minutes

City of Karlstad: Regular City Council Meeting

Monday, August 7, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Called to Order By: Deputy Mayor Pete Kautzman  

Present: C. Nordin, M. Wade, P. Kautzman, G. Hultgren, S. Dufault

Absent: M. Borneman

Guests: Jenna & Jade Caldwell, Rebecca Crisp, Mike Lorenson, Rachel Bakke

1. Minutes – Motion by G. Hultgren, second by C. Nordin, to approve the minutes

    of the July 10, 2017 regular meeting and the July 31, 2017 special public meeting as

    presented. All ayes/carried.

2. Claims – Motion by G. Hultgren, second by M. Wade, to approve the audit of

     and authorize payment of the claims for July 19, 2017, July 26, 2017 and

     August 7, 2017 as presented. All ayes/carried.


3.  Land Use Permit Request:

     A.  Jade & Jenna Caldwell – Move in a mobile home – Motion by G. Hultgren, second

           by M. Wade, to approve the permit.  All ayes/carried.

4.  Sue Dufault:

    A.  City Clerk Position: The city council discussed advertising for the clerk’s position. 

          They asked Sue to post the ad on the LMC site, Facebook and all the local

           newspapers.  Deadline to receive applications will be September 11, 2017 at 5

           p.m. at the Karlstad City Office building.

5.  Parking on City Property:

     Sue talked with Troy Peterson about him parking his vehicles on city property and

     using the fire hydrant for water.  He felt the city property is public property and he

     should be able to park on it.  He also felt he should be able to take water from a city

     hydrant. The council felt we should talk with Roger Malm, the city attorney, about a 

     possible cease and desist order.

6.  Letter of Support – Kittson County Highway Department:

     Keith Klegstad from the Kittson County Highway Department is asking for a letter of

     support to re-pave Stassen Ave. W.  This is a county road and is in bad shape due to

     the semi trucks using it to get out of town. Motion by G. Hultgren, second by

     M. Wade, to send a letter of support to the county.  All ayes/carried. 

7.  Zamboni:

     A.  The city purchased a Zamboni about 5 years ago and it has not been used for two

           years.  We store it at the clinic building and have to heat the garage.  The city crew

           could use that garage for storage.  Can we sell the Zamboni?  The council felt that  

          we should talk with the park board and get their input.

8.  Mike Lorenson: 

     A.  School bus driver/fill in when needed – Mike asked the council if he could, on

           occasion drive school bus in the morning when they are short?  It would cause him

           to be about 15 minutes late in the morning.  Mike stated that the city would always

           come first. Motion by G. Hultgren, second by M. Wade to approve the request, but 

           to revisit it at the November regular meeting.  All ayes/carried.  

9.  Community Center Dumpster: 

      A.  Anderson Sanitation has troubles empting the dumpster behind the community

            center.  Its lid is steel and very heavy.  They have a dumpster with a plastic lid

            they could sell us for $900.  Motion by C. Nordin, second by G. Hultgren, to

            purchase the dumpster from Anderson Sanitation for $900. All ayes/carried.


10. Karlstad Clinic, Community Center and City Office Air Conditioning units:

     A.  For some time now the cooling units in these buildings have needed maintenance. 

           Now they need replacement.  The clinic building currently is running on two of the

           three units.  Jeff Nyflot and Johnson Control have been there.  Johnson Control

           was able to get the one unit up and running for now but since then the unit that

           controls the clinic its self has gone out.  They have a portable air conditioner that

           I purchased at the hardware store they are moving around to the areas without air. 

    B.  Handicap Door: The automatic door to the clinic is a Stanley door and we are

          having troubles with finding someone to fix it.  The door has had problems for

          years.  Sometimes the city crew can fix it but not this time. I’ve tried to call as far

          as Fargo, with no luck.

          The City council asked for estimates on replacing the air conditioning units, doors     

          and roof.  Sue is stilling waiting on these estimates.

11. Karlstad Moose Fest 2017: (council copies)

     A.  Councilmembers in the parade, please grab a t-shirt.

12. Karlstad Senior Meal Site:

     A.  Month of July-

           Karlstad served in house 306 – Meals on Wheels 303

           Lake Bronson served in house 110 – Meals on Wheels 41

           Total meals served for the month of July 760

13.  Municipal Service Account/Prime Security Bank:

       A.  All utility payments are made at the bank and the tellers fill out the deposit

             tickets and I pick them up there. They are deposited into a municipal service

             account and at the end of the month the balance is transferred to the general fund.

             This process is used because I’m the only one in the office and it’s a way of

             balancing that account.  They seem to make a lot of entry errors and they don’t

             want to do it anymore.  They want me to fill them out and do the deposit.  This

             would defeat the purpose of having the account.  Pete felt that this way of doing

             things was somewhat outdated and the council felt we could change how we do

             this.  It would be easier to just deposit the stubs into the general fund and Sue

             could do this instead of the bank doing it. 

14.  Mike Wade:

       A.  City’s old gravel pit/green space.  Mike felt this area should stay as a green


       B.  Tri-County School – City Website- Mike asked that information regarding

             Tri-County School should be on the city website.


15. The next Regular scheduled meeting will be held on:

      September 12, 2017 - 6:00 P.M.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at: 9:02 p.m.

  Respectfully Submitted By: Sue Dufault || Clerk/Treasurer

City of Karlstad: Special City Council Meeting

Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at 6:00 PM

Meeting Called to Order By: Mayor Mitch Borneman    

Present: M. Borneman, C. Nordin, P. Kautzman, S. Dufault, G. Hultgren  

Absent: M. Wade


The purpose of the meeting is to discuss possibly replacing the automatic doors at the clinic:

1.     Thief River Glass quote: $19,215.00 (2 doors)

2.     Northland Glass and Glazing Fargo quote: Stanley doors $17,600.00 (2 doors)

Motion by G. Hultgren, second by P. Kautzman, to approve the quote from Thief River Glass for replacing the entry doors to the clinic.  All ayes/carried.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at: 6:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted By: Sue Dufault || Clerk/Treasurer

City of Karlstad: Special City Council Meeting

Tuesday, August 7, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.

 Meeting Called to Order By: Deputy Mayor Pete Kautzman    

Present: G. Hultgren, S. Dufault, C. Nordin, P. Kautzman, M. Wade  

Absent: M. Borneman

Guests: Rachel Bakke, Tony Hewitt, Holly Hanson, Jonathan Pearson,   

The meeting will be held for the purpose of discussing the City of Karlstad’s Sunday Liquor License Ordinance.

Sunday Liquor License Ordinance:

Jonathan felt the city should keep the ordinance as is and not allow Sunday liquor sales.

Tony felt that the city should allow Sunday liquor sales.  You would then have the option to be open or not.

Public Input:

No public input.

The city council felt they needed more information from Roger Malm, the city attorney, before making a decision. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at: 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted By: Sue Dufault Clerk/Treasurer